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Corrugated Box Types

From moving and shipping products to storing valuable items, there are so many ways we use boxes. However, one commonality that each of these uses shares is the need to keep the contents inside the box safe and unharmed.

As you’re choosing between different types of boxes to prepare for your move or to package your products for shipment, the security of the items inside the boxes is likely at the forefront of your mind. To ensure optimal security for your precious items, you should consider using corrugated boxes for your packing and shipping needs.

What Is a Corrugated Box?

Of the different types of boxes, corrugated boxes are some of the most durable. They are made with corrugated cardboard, which means that the walls of the cardboard are reinforced in a unique way.

While the cardboard might look typical from the outside, there is a piece of fluted cardboard between the inner and outer walls on each side of the box. These three layers work together to maintain the structure of the box and keep its contents safe from damage.

Standard corrugated cardboard is referred to as singlewall corrugated board, but you can also purchase doublewall or triplewall corrugated boxes that simply have either two or three fluted layers between straight cardboard pieces instead of just one. Several types of corrugated boxes can be used to meet a variety of needs.

RSC boxes, or regular slotted carton boxes, are some of the most common types of corrugated boxes. These box types are designed with all flaps being the same length except for the two outer flaps on top and bottom. These outer flaps measure at one-half of the box’s total width. This means that the two flaps meet perfectly at the box’s center when they are folded closed. This box design is efficient for manufacturers because it leaves very few wasted materials. It is also very user-friendly. However, this type of box does require tape in order to ensure complete closure.

The HSC, or half-slotted container, is a separate type of RSC. This box is made without one of the sets of outer flaps, making it a viable option for storage but a less optimal one for shipping or secure moving.

OPF, or one piece folders, are often also referred to as iron cross mailers or book folders. These consist of one large piece of cardboard with perforations in several places, making them easy to fold and tuck into a secure enclosure. OPF boxes are usually used for books, stacks of printed materials, or electrical wires.

FOL or full overlap slotted containers have a similar shape to RSC and HSC boxes. However, every flap on an FOL corrugated box is the same length and width as the box’s body, making it a well-suited option for situations of rough handling, such as moving.

Die cut boxes feature a box body with an attached top. The box’s top is designed with multiple cutouts and its body with adjoining slots. The two areas are meant to close into one another. This type of box is self-sealing and generally does not need tape to close securely, though tape is usually recommended for shipping purposes.

Best Types of Corrugated Boxes for Different Uses

Are you not sure which corrugated box types are best for your needs? Let’s take a closer look at some of the common uses for corrugated boxes and which type will give you the best results.

If you’re planning a move, it’s essential that you choose types of corrugated boxes that will keep your materials safe and secure when in transit. For the moving process, RSC and FOL boxes are typically the most common for their durability and versatility.

Moving boxes come in many sizes and generally have plenty of room for pads and partitions if needed. Singlewall corrugated board is usually satisfactory for most items, but heavier or more delicate items might need doublewall or triplewall corrugated boxes.

When selecting the right boxes for shipping items, your choice all depends on what you’re shipping. Smaller items can be packed securely in die cut or OPF boxes, but larger items might be more secure in an RSC or FOL corrugated box.

HSC boxes make great storage containers as they naturally come without a lid, so you can easily access the items inside at any time. However, options such as FOL and RSC boxes also make great storage solutions, especially for long-term storage.